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Welcome to Shoppex Corp

Welcome to Shoppex Corp

Where the passion for exceptional fragrances and business come together to create a unique experience.

When we started with Shoppex Corp we were a small Venezuelan group passionate about this world.

But, although we were small, we have always had a bold vision and believed that we can connect continents and bring the best of our passion into the hands and hearts of people worldwide.

Currently, our company is at the forefront of distributing fragrances of recognized world brands in North America, Latin America and the Caribbean.

What was born as a dream is now a reality that allows us to help entrepreneurs grow their fragrance businesses and achieve success with authentic scents, the newest and best-selling in the world.

A big passion for fragrances

We believe that fragrances are much more than just scents. They are expressions of personality, memories and emotions.

Each fragrance tells a story and can transport us to faraway places and unforgettable moments.

We pride ourselves on being providers of the most luxurious fragrances from world-renowned brands.

Our commitment is to bring the best of perfumery to those who appreciate quality.

Because that is what we sell: Quality.

We focus on the authenticity

We focus on the authenticity

Since our inception, we have maintained an unwavering commitment to excellence in every aspect of our work. 

We work closely with manufacturers to ensure that each fragrance we offer is authentic and represents the brand’s essence. 

Our focus goes beyond the transaction; it is a journey shared with our customers to discover fragrances that become part of their identity.

If we had to define ourselves in 3 values, they would be:


We know you are committed to your business.

You can’t let your customers down, so we can’t let you down.

And we won’t, because we always ensure you can receive your goods on time


Each business has its own needs, so we’re here to listen to you to find the best way to help you.

We value our customers’ trust and ensure it stays that way.

Empathy is our philosophy.


Excellence is our compass. We exceed expectations at every step, from fragrance selection to delivery and customer service.

Passion for what we do drives our desire to innovate and improve constantly.

Why work with us?

Best-selling perfume brands.

Discounts on large orders

All of our products have a UPC or EAN.

Quick and straightforward purchase process.

Integrated Logistics.

Shipping and deliveries within the US

It’s time to increase your fragrance business sales

Attract your customers with original and best-selling perfumes and colognes. Once they purchase with you, they will want to return.

Are you ready to succeed? Get in touch with us to guide you.