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Top 7 best-selling Acqua di Parma fragrances (2024)

best selling acqua di parma fragrances

Acqua di Parma, a symbol of Italian elegance and craftsmanship, has been a beacon of luxury in the fragrance world since its inception in 1916. 

Born in the heart of Parma, Italy, this storied brand has seamlessly blended tradition with the essence of the Italian way of life, encapsulated in its exquisite fragrances. 

Each scent, a masterpiece of olfactory art, tells its own unique story, drawing inspiration from the rich landscapes, noble estates, and vibrant citrus groves of Italy. 

Join us as we explore the iconic scents that have become synonymous with Acqua di Parma’s legacy and discover why they continue to be adored by fragrance lovers across the globe.

Classic Acqua di Parma fragrances

Acqua di Parma Colonia

acqua di parma edc unisex wholesale

In 1916, Acqua di Parma unveiled its first scent, Colonia, initially crafted to delicately scent gentlemen’s handkerchiefs. 

This fragrance swiftly transcended its humble beginnings to become an emblem of Italian elegance, capturing the hearts of American and European luminaries in the glamorous eras of the 1930s and 1950s.

Hollywood icons like Cary Grant and David Niven, along with Ava Gardner and Eva Turner, and later, the timeless Audrey Hepburn, were among Colonia’s fervent enthusiasts.

In 2007, Acqua di Parma paid homage to this legendary fragrance with a limited edition release, Colonia Edizione Murano. Encased in a stunning bottle crafted from Murano glass, this variant is a testament to Italian artistry and elegance, designed by the renowned Giorgio Vigna.

Acqua di parma Blu Mediterraneo Fico di Amalfi

acqua di parma blu mediterraneo

Acqua di Parma’s Blu Mediterraneo – Fico di Amalfi is an enchanting unisex fragrance that encapsulates the essence of the Mediterranean’s lush landscapes and vibrant spirit. 

Launched in 2006, this Floral Fruity scent is a tribute to the picturesque Amalfi Coast, renowned for its breathtaking beauty and abundant fig orchards.

The fragrance embarks on a citrusy journey with top notes of grapefruit, bergamot, citron, and lemon, invoking the freshness of a Mediterranean morning. The heart unfolds with the sweet allure of fig nectar, harmoniously blended with jasmine and a hint of pink pepper for a subtle spicy kick. This middle note melody evokes the warmth of the sun-kissed Italian coast.

As the journey concludes, the base notes reveal the depth of fig tree and cedar, grounded with the sweet resinous warmth of benzoin. 

This foundation provides a lasting impression, reminiscent of the serene and woody landscapes that hug the coastal cliffs.

Contemporary best sellers in 2024

Acqua di parma Colonia Pura

acqua di parma colonia pura

Radiates a modern twist on the classic Italian elegance with its Citrus Aromatic scent. 

Launched in 2017 under the mastery of François Demachy, this unisex fragrance invites a fresh embrace with its airy ozonic notes, zesty bergamot, vibrant orange, and refreshing petitgrain. 

The journey into the heart reveals a blend of delicate narcissus, exotic Jasmine Sambac, and a hint of spicy coriander, crafting a bouquet that is both captivating and contemporary. 

The fragrance settles into a comforting base of white musk, rich cedar, and earthy patchouli, offering a clean, crisp finish that lingers with sophistication. 

Acqua di Parma Colonia Pura is a testament to purity and elegance, designed for those who appreciate a lighter touch of luxury.

Acqua di Parma Rosa Nobile

acqua di parma rosa nobile

Joining the esteemed Nobile collection alongside Iris Nobile, Magnolia Nobile, and Gelsomino Nobile, Rosa Nobile celebrates the beauty and sophistication of the rose with a focus on a rare variety of Centifolia rose that blossoms exclusively in Italy. 

Crafted to capture the essence of Italian elegance, the fragrance begins with a sparkling opening of bergamot and mandarin, brightened with a dash of black pepper. This citrusy burst paves the way for a heart where the Italian rose takes center stage, gracefully complemented by lily of the valley, velvety violet, and soft peony. 

The composition elegantly descends into a base of dry cedar and ambergris, enveloped in sensual musk, creating a lasting impression of refined beauty and sophistication. 

Acqua di Parma Oud Eau de Parfum

acqua di parma oud wholesale

This perfume unfolds as a symphony of amber and woody notes, creating a unisex scent that bridges the traditional and the contemporary. 

Launched in 2019, this fragrance begins with a luminous introduction of orange and Calabrian bergamot, setting a citrusy, vibrant stage. 

The heart of the perfume ventures into the exotic, with rich agarwood (oud), the warmth of amyris, and the spicy allure of coriander weaving together a captivating middle. As it settles, a deep and luxurious base of leather, sandalwood, musk, cedar, and patchouli emerges, offering a complex and enduring finish. 

Acqua di Parma’s Oud Eau de Parfum is a testament to sophistication, designed for those who seek a fragrance that marries the depth of tradition with the freshness of contemporary life.

Acqua di Parma Quercia Eau de Parfum

acqua di parma quercia wholesale

Introduced in 2019, this scent opens with a vibrant burst of lemon and Calabrian bergamot, complemented by the subtle spice of pink pepper and the green freshness of petitgrain. 

This lively introduction transitions into a heart where the spicy warmth of cardamom melds with the robustness of cedar and the floral nuance of geranium, crafting a rich, multi-dimensional center. 

It culminates in a base where the earthiness of moss converges with the creamy sweetness of tonka bean and the grounding essence of patchouli. Together, these notes form a sophisticated, enduring aroma that captures the timeless elegance and the profound mystery of nature’s grandeur. 

Quercia Eau de Parfum by Acqua di Parma is the perfect choice for those who appreciate the depth and complexity of woody aromatic fragrances.

Acqua di Parma Ambra Eau de Parfum

acqua di parma ambra wholesale

Acqua di Parma Ambra Eau de Parfum weaves an intricate tapestry of Woody Aromatic notes, creating a luxuriant fragrance that caters to both women and men. 

Released in 2019, it embarks on its olfactory voyage with a zesty overture of orange and Calabrian bergamot, harmonized with the subtle green notes of petitgrain. 

This citrusy prelude gracefully transitions into a heart where the warm, woody essence of cedar meets the exotic richness of cypriol oil, or Nagarmotha, interlaced with the elegance of rose and the earthy depth of patchouli. 

It finish with a profoundly sensual base, where the marine allure of ambergris melds with the creamy warmth of sandalwood and musk, enriched by the balsamic resin of labdanum and the sweet, comforting touch of vanilla. 

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