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Acqua di Gio wholesale perfumes

Get Acqua di Gio wholesale perfumes

Refresh your inventory with the iconic Acqua di Gio fragrances, a testament to purity and natural elegance. 

Perfect for retailers looking to captivate customers with a scent that embodies the harmony of the sea and nature. 

Secure your wholesale deal today and let the essence of Acqua di Gio elevate your fragrance store.

acqua di gio perfumes wholesale for men

Find the best Acqua di Gio colognes for men wholesale

acqua di gio perfumes wholesale for men

Offer your customers the classic and invigorating scent of Acqua di Gio men and give them a fragrance that captures the freedom of the wind and the water. 

Ideal for the modern man who embraces his natural strength and vitality, stock up at wholesale prices and ensure your collection includes this timeless essence of masculinity.

Best wholesale deals in Acqua di Gio for women

acqua di gio wholesale

Satisfied the needs of your women customers with Acqua di Gio.

Perfect for the woman who embodies grace, freedom, and natural beauty. Take advantage of our exclusive wholesale offers and add this exquisite scent to your perfumery.

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acqua di gio wholesale

Meet our three shipping options

free local delivery shoppex corp


For purchases exceeding $2,500, we provide delivery services for locations within a 50-mile radius from our warehouse to any destination in Miami, Florida.

After finalizing your order, expect its arrival within 2 to 3 business days.
nationwide shipping shoppex corp


To another cities within US, we collaborate with leading and cost-efficient carriers, including, USPS, FedEx, UPS, and LTL options.

Our responsibility is limited to the safe packaging of your order. If you have a trusted carrier, you can send us the instructions and we will ship it for you.
shipping to latam and the caribbean shoppex


If your business is in Latin America or the Caribbean, we're also here to assist you with delivery to your preferred carrier in Miami.


Here, at Shoppex Corp, you will find the best-selling Acqua di Gio fragrances wholesale, which are 100% authentic.

Every original perfume’s packaging includes serial numbers, control numbers, and lot numbers. These identifiers enable you to confirm the product’s genuineness. All our Acqua di Gio fragrances are equipped with UPC or EAN codes for easy authenticity verification.

Expect local deliveries within Miami, Florida, to arrive in 2-3 days. Delivery times to other U.S. cities may vary based on the courier service, but we partner with leading companies like FedEx, DHL, UPS, and LTL to ensure your shipments are both rapid and secure.

Our minimum order is USD 2,500.00 for first-time customers. Any additional orders will have a lowered minimum of USD 1000.00. Minimum six pieces per item.

Application approval is required; please check our application form or send an e-mail to sales@shoppexcorp.com

We only accept wire transfers and ACH.
We do not accept credit cards or other payment methods.

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